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Maria Lappin, M.S

Clinical Nutritionist

Maria Lappin specializes in anti-aging, functional nutrition, and regenerative health strategies, helping individuals move beyond symptoms management into long term health. 


In 2016, she received a Master of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, as well as the Institute for Functional Medicine's IFMCP certification. Maria creates customized dietary plans for clients, addressing clinical imbalances and elevating them to the highest expression of health. Successful client consultations include gut issues, weight management, pre-diabetes and diabetes, metabolic syndrome, digestive issues, pre-natal, GERD, SIBO, high cholesterol or triglycerides, low energy and inflammatory disorders.


Instead of simply bandaging symptoms,Maria takes an inside-out approach to health. Her approach includes an assessment of the whole person to address the underlying causes of the individual’s health issues and concerns.  Maria aims to not only help her clients feel better now, but to support them in living better, more robust lives for as long as they can.


Maria helps individual clients and groups develop eating patterns optimal for their unique clinical needs. This process can include taking trips to the grocery store, reviewing food labels, and discussing nutrition plans specific to individual’s unique requirements and preferences. By focusing on root causes rather than symptoms, it is possible for an individual to awake his/her own natural healing ability and restore his/her whole health. 


On a corporate level, holding seminars and classes for employees on nutrition-related topics, such as gut health, lifestyle, and longevity facts, can be extremely effective. Companies who have embraced this idea have found that their employees begin eating and feeling better as a result. Employees also appreciate the fact that they can carry these lessons over to benefit their families.


Satisfaction, productivity, and overall well-being are crucial to employee engagement and company culture.  Therefore, by educating employees on superb nutrition and supporting healthy living, employers can offer a unique personalized benefit, while enhancing employee life and company culture.


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